Project 9

The Data Story Behind the Data Figuring out what I wanted to focus on took me a minute. Then I realized I wanted to take a look at how many A’s people get in each course. I found it would be A LOT easier to do graduate classes versus doing undergraduate. In the blue is… Continue reading Project 9

Final Project

My Idea I have decided to build out my main domain for the final project. I am planning to add work from this class, and other papers I have written for other classes. I am also going to have a page all about me and make a resume to add in as I do not… Continue reading Final Project

My Video!

Video Link: Content When we had this assignment handed to us, I knew I wanted to compare and contrast the animals I have. I have a one year old dog named milo and two nine year old cats named Rocco and Josie. Watching them interact is so interesting to me, so I thought making a… Continue reading My Video!

My Podcast!

Subject of my audio track When given this topic, I immediately knew I wanted to talk to my father, Tom Iezzi. He is very informed on the history of the United States, more specifically, about the history of Virginia. I told him the guidelines and told him he could pick any topic he would like… Continue reading My Podcast!

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Project 6

My Vector Image This is the vector image I created. My favorite color is pink so I knew I wanted that in my image. I was playing around with different shapes and really liked the different shades stacked on top of each other. The Process I used Canva to create my raster image and I… Continue reading Project 6

Project 5

My License I chose a CC BY 4.0 DEED license. I chose to do so because I wanted others to be able to share my work, while I still receive credit for it. My First Image I wanted to do something with nature because I felt it was very pleasing on the eyes and very… Continue reading Project 5

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Why Gracie’s Corner?

I picked my subdomain name by using ChatGPT. I was struggling to figure out what to use, but I got suggested to try out ChatGPT for inspiration. It gave me a lot of options, but ultimately, I chose Gracie’s Corner.