Project 6

My Vector Image

This is the vector image I created. My favorite color is pink so I knew I wanted that in my image. I was playing around with different shapes and really liked the different shades stacked on top of each other.

Three pink hearts stacked on top of each other with the initials G I in the middle
Made by Gracie Iezzi

The Process

I used Canva to create my raster image and I used Vectr to make my vector image. I had used Canva before in the past so I was pretty familiar with the software. I had never used Vectr, but it was pretty easy to figure out. These images were different then things I had made in the past, so I did still learn along the way. The raster image was a little difficult for me to figure out, but I eventually got it. Overall, this was a fun learning process and I am glad I know how to do this for the future!

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