Project 9

The Data

A bar graph of the amount of students in each class, amount of a's obtained, and the amount of a-"s obtained

Story Behind the Data

Figuring out what I wanted to focus on took me a minute. Then I realized I wanted to take a look at how many A’s people get in each course. I found it would be A LOT easier to do graduate classes versus doing undergraduate. In the blue is how many students are in each class, the red is how many A’s, and the purple is the A-‘s.

The Process

My process of working with the data and creating the graphs was interesting.The data automatically uploaded into numbers, so learning how to navigate it took me a while. I had not worked with numbers in the past before so it was a learning process for sure. Making the graph took me awhile. I thought that the best graph to make would be a bar graph. I thought it would be easy for others to read. Uploading my images onto the website was initially a struggle. I ended up doing it off of my phone which was the easiest way. Overall, I am glad that this was an assignment as I learned a lot!

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