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When we had this assignment handed to us, I knew I wanted to compare and contrast the animals I have. I have a one year old dog named milo and two nine year old cats named Rocco and Josie. Watching them interact is so interesting to me, so I thought making a video about them would be interesting!

The Process

The process of filming this was a little hard. I went home for the weekend and had to find all of the animals and my cats like to hide. After I was able to find all of them, getting clips was pretty easy. My dog has a lot of energy so I had to find the right times to get good clips. I used Canva to edit this. Since we had already used it before in class, it was not too difficult. I had to film audio to go over my video clips so that took me a little while to edit and put together. Adding the captions was a little tricky for me to figure out but after I got that, I felt good! I used youtube to upload this video so they were able to generate the captions for me. The music I have in the background is from Ben Sounds.

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